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Welcome to AQUADEA.

Aquadea swirl showers refresh body & mind and inspire with their unique
Combination of high-quality precious metals and selected crystals.

The construction of the crystal showers is based on the implosion principle
with increased Oxygen entry.

In the specially developed and hand-manufactured vortex chambers, the inflowing water is extremely accelerated and thus regains its own kinetic energy.

The water swirl chambers were constructed according to the "Golden Cut" and the "holy geometry".

Through years of research and development, AQUADEA was able to calculate a crystal sanding that perfectly matches the natural geometry of the vertebral chambers and used it in production.
This special cut is unique and patented worldwide.

Crystal vortex shower AQUADEA "Libell" I TITAN


The Aquadea "Libell" impresses with its gentle & charming spray pattern, which A pleasant feeling of full wrapping is ...


Crystal vortex shower LifePower "Release 5" | BRONZE COPPER

LifePower "Release 5"

The Release 5 Bronze Copper Crystal Swirl Shower invites you to indulge in a fine and even swirlwater jet.

The optical ...


Crystal vortex shower LifePower "Silma Belain 5" | TITANIUM SILVER

LifePower "Silma Belain 5"

The Aquadea "Silma Belain 5" impresses with its elegant appearance and high-quality materials such as ...


Crystal vortex shower LifePower "Sun" | GOLD 5

With the LifePower "Sun" in gold, you can rely on an extravagant shower head that exudes pure luxury.

Gold is not only one of the most ...


Crystal vortex shower "Portal 28 + 1" Maxi rain shower | TITANIUM SILVER

Mit 29 Kristall-Wasser-Wirbelkammern aus reinem Silber & Kristall:
Handarbeit "Made in Germany"

Transform a bathroom into a living space to ...

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